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    Brewer, Pritchard & Buckley, P.C., has focused on business regulations and litigation since 1991. The firm advises and represents public and private corporations in structuring business transactions, whether such transaction is a public or private financing, SEC compliance, an acquisition or sale, or combination thereof. The firm represents clients in Houston, Texas, as well as across the state and the country. The attorneys of Brewer, Pritchard & Buckley, P.C., handle a wide range of litigation matters for their clients, including SEC enforcement, False Claims Act cases, white collar criminal defense and business defense.

    Creative Solutions grounded in more
    than 90 years of experience.

    Brewer, Pritchard & Buckley, P.C., stands apart from other corporate law firms. Its attorneys combine decades of experience with a creative, forward-thinking approach to the law. Every case and business transaction is unique in some way. Attorneys J. Mark Brewer and Thomas C. Pritchard are capable of reaching a positive outcome in virtually any legal problem, challenge or opportunity faced by a company.

    Publicly traded and private Texas companies must comply with a myriad of federal and state regulations and statutes, not only in financing transactions but also in a broader business perspective. The advice Brewer, Pritchard & Buckley, P.C., provides to business owners and board of directors helps clients avoid costly legal trouble with regulators, equity and debt constituents, competitors, vendors and other parties.

    Brewer, Pritchard & Buckley, P.C., maintains a nationwide practice, with a focus on Texas and the Houston area. To schedule a consultation with one of the firm’s attorneys, please call 800-236-7468 or visit this website’s Contact page.

    Important Notices

    • Mr. Thomas C. Pritchard is of counsel to the firm.
    • Mr. Pritchard’s address is 770 South Post Oak Lane, Houston, Texas 77056.
    • Brewer, Pritchard & Buckley P.C and Thomas C. Pritchard have shared the cost of this advertisement.


    Please note that as a general matter, Brewer, Pritchard & Buckley, P.C. does not handle non-litigation matters. Brewer, Pritchard & Buckley, P.C. refers all its non-litigation or “transactional” matters to Thomas C. Pritchard, who is a retired member of the firm. Thomas C. Pritchard does not handle any litigation cases and as a general matter, he refers all litigation cases to Brewer, Pritchard & Buckley, P.C. Brewer, Pritchard & Buckley, P.C. and Thomas C. Pritchard have no other relationship to each other and do not share fees if or when a case or matter is referred by one to the other.

    Not Board Certified

    None of Brewer, Pritchard & Buckley, P.C., J. Mark Brewer nor Thomas C. Pritchard is certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

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