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Federal Wire Fraud and Mail Fraud Statutes to take center stage in COVID-19 fraud prosecutions

As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues throughout the U.S., federal law enforcement agencies are ramping up to counter a massive spike in fraud stemming from the COVID-19 crisis. Federal investigators are devoting substantial resources to targeting a wide and proliferating variety of fraudulent schemes including the online promotion of bogus coronavirus cures and counterfeit medical...

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COVID 19 Fraud Allegations Often Involve False Claims Act

Experienced False Claims Act defense lawyers explain how process works More than $2 trillion in federal aid has been designated for Coronavirus COVID-19 relief for individuals, small businesses and corporations, according to The Houston Chronicle and many other news sources. Additional federal relief funding is anticipated, as well, to help people and businesses struggling financially...

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How can a healthcare fraud defense lawyer help me?

Accusations of healthcare fraud can have serious consequences. Every year, many surgeons, doctors and other healthcare professionals are accused of healthcare fraud. If convicted, they could face years in jail and face thousands (or even millions) of dollars in fines. They could even perhaps lose their medical license or face other disciplinary sanctions. With so...

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