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What are common examples of Medicaid fraud?

Our Medicaid fraud lawyers know how to build strong legal cases

Legal cases involving accusations of Medicaid and Medicare fraud against medical professionals can cover a wide range. Some cases involve a single act of Medicaid fraud. Other cases sometimes involve multiple allegations of Medicaid fraud.

Whatever the circumstances, it’s critical that you take these civil or criminal charges seriously right from the start. Otherwise, you or fellow medical professionals accused of Medicaid fraud could face serious consequences if convicted or found guilty.

Our Medicaid fraud defense attorneys at Brewer & Pritchard, P.C. have years of experience handling complex cases. We’re familiar with the rules and regulations governing healthcare fraud cases involving Medicaid. We know exactly what to do. That’s because our lawyers have years of legal experience.

Common examples of Medicaid fraud

The federal government created Medicaid in 1965. This government-sponsored program provides health care to low income Americans regardless of their age. Medicaid fraud cases can cover a wide range, including:

Whatever type of Medicaid fraud case you’re dealing with, it’s important to understand your legal rights. Otherwise, you might not be aware of all the legal options available to you.

You have rights. Our Medicaid fraud attorneys can fight for them.

Being convicted or found guilty of Medicaid fraud can have serious consequences. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, you could be fined thousands of dollars or even be sentenced to serve several years in jail. Specifically, some Medicaid fraud charges have penalties ranging from $250,000 per offense to five years in prison for each per offense.

Our law firm is committed to working with medical professionals facing serious allegations. As your attorney, we can work with you to build the strongest possible legal case.

The sooner you contact Brewer & Pritchard, P.C., the sooner we can research your case, file the necessary paperwork and do whatever needs to be done to make things right. Give your Medicaid fraud case the attention it rightfully deserves. Contact our law firm and schedule your case evaluation today.

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