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Double Billing For Medical Services Defense Lawyer

Our Medicaid fraud defense attorneys know to build strong legal cases

Double billing for medical services – especially services covered by Medicaid – is a serious allegation of healthcare fraud. If you or a fellow medical professional is convicted of double billing for medical services, you could be fined thousands of dollars or sentenced to several years in jail for Medicaid and Medicare fraud.

Our Medicaid fraud defense lawyers at Brewer & Pritchard, P.C. know what’s at stake. That’s because we have years of experience defending the rights of medical professionals dealing with some of the most common examples of Medicaid fraud. We know the law. We know what strategies work. We are prepared to do the work that needs to be done to fight for your rights.

What are the consequences for double billing for medical services?

Billing twice or more than once for the same medical procedure often involves civil and criminal penalties for healthcare fraud. If you are charged and convicted of double billing for medical services covered by Medicaid – a federal public health program – your penalties could include:

  • $250,000 per offense for each medical professional
  • $500,000 per offense for an entire medical practice
  • 5 years in prison per offense for each medical professional
  • 10 years in prison per offense if the double billing violation violates federal law
  • Restitution (paying back the money fraudulently billed to the government)

Don’t underestimate the seriousness of your double billing case. Make sure you understand your rights and take the necessary legal action. Talk to an attorney at our law firm.

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Your case might come down to your word against theirs. Perhaps you or another employee made an honest mistake and accidentally double billed someone for a medical procedure. That’s why it’s important that you have as much evidence as possible to build a strong case. Brewer & Pritchard, P.C. know how to find the facts many investigators overlook. Put your trust in a healthcare fraud defense attorney who puts your rights first. Talk to a lawyer at our law firm. We proudly handle legal cases nationwide.

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