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Medicaid fraud claims in San Antonio, TX can be very complicated. If you’re a medical professional and you’re the focus of a Medicaid fraud investigation, it’s important to talk with a lawyer as soon as possible who understands healthcare fraud investigations involving Medicaid. Otherwise, you could face serious consequences.

Our experienced Texas Medicaid fraud defense lawyers at Brewer & Pritchard, P.C. know how to handle these claims in San Antonio. Our attorneys have years of legal experience. As a result, we know how to analyze evidence and build strong legal cases for medical professionals accused of Medicaid fraud.

Count on our experienced San Antonio, TX Medicaid fraud defense attorneys

Medicaid is the federal health care system created to provide medical care for low-income Americans. Allegations of Medicaid fraud in San Antonio, TX can cover a wide range – from allegations of billing for medical services not performed, to double billing.

Under the False Claims Act, anyone can theoretically file a qui tam lawsuit with the federal government for Medicaid fraud. If such a legal case is successful, the person who filed the lawsuit (who is often a whistleblower) can obtain financial compensation from the government.

Strict rules exist concerning who can and cannot file a Medicaid fraud claim. That’s why it’s critical that you speak with a Medicaid fraud defense attorney right away if you’re a doctor or another medical professional in San Antonio accused of Medicaid fraud.

Protect your rights. Contact a San Antonio Medicaid fraud defense lawyer.

We understand the seriousness of Medicaid fraud cases. If you’re convicted of these civil or criminal charges, you could be fined thousands of dollars or required to pay restitution. In certain circumstances, you could even be sentenced to serve several years in jail.

With so much at stake, it’s critical that you take your case seriously right from the start. Contact our law firm and schedule a case evaluation with a Medicaid fraud defense attorney who knows how to handle these cases in San Antonio.

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