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Notable Cases for Brewer, Pritchard & Buckley, P.C.

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Each case result matters at Brewer, Pritchard & Buckley, P.C. We’re simply especially proud of certain notable verdicts and settlements we have helped achieve for our clients. Some of the notable case results achieved by our attorneys include:

  • Won “not guilty” acquittal on all counts following a two-month jury trial. Federal indictment alleged massive $100 million fraud against TRICARE military health care system involving the fraudulent prescribing, filling, and billing of compounded pharmaceuticals. Prosecutors failed to prove allegations against client. Case No. 3:16-cr-60(7) (Northern District of Texas, 2019).
  • Successfully avoided federal criminal charges in federal investigation of former CITGO / PDVSA legal counsel for alleged violations of the FCPA. (Southern District of Texas, 2018 - 2020).
  • Successfully achieved dismissal of federal indictment for physician accused of participating in health care fraud conspiracy by fraudulently certifying patients for unnecessary home health services.  Case No. 4:14-cr-194(4) (Southern District of Texas, 2014 - 2017).
  • Won dismissal of federal indictment by proving Speedy Trial Act violation, where U.S. government extradited client (a former tax attorney) from Panama to face pending U.S. federal tax charges that had been filed nine years earlier. The U.S. government knew client had been living in Ecuador during that time and made no previous effort to extradite him.  Case No. 4:06-cr-130(2) (Southern District of Texas, 2015).
  • Successfully avoided U.S. federal criminal charges for U.S. businessman targeted by investigators during the notorious “Panama Papers” scandal. Client did not report offshore accounts to the IRS. Government was unable to show client willfully filed a false tax return. (Southern District of New York, 2017).

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