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Republican Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa announces opposition to limits on False Claims Act cases

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The original False Claims Act was signed into law during the American Civil War, and it continued to identify military contractors guilty of mismanagement and fraud after the war.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) is considered the "godfather" of the False Claim Act in its current form, as he was the architect behind amendments enacted to it in 1986.

Grassley delivered the keynote remarks at the 2021 Federal Bar Association Qui Tam Conference. In his remarks, he claimed that $64 billion has been recovered since 1986. He said $2 billion was recovered by the Department of Justice last year alone and that the False Claim Act is one of the most effective tools the DOJ uses to uncover and punish government fraud.

Massive surge of federal funding provides an opportunity for fraud

Sen. Grassley noted that with massive government spending related to the pandemic, fraudsters now have even more opportunities to cheat US taxpayers. Whistleblowers may therefore need even greater protection in coming years.

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