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Testimonials for Brewer & Pritchard, P.C.

Real reviews from real people of our Texas lawyers

What people say about us matters. That’s why we’re proud of our client reviews at Brewer & Pritchard, P.C. We realize clients measure success by case results. We also understand that being a great lawyer is about more than just winning. It’s about being attentive to clients’ needs and making sure their case receives the attention it deserves.

We work hard every day to earn our clients’ respect. That’s why we would be honored to represent you. To learn more about how our Texas attorneys can help you, simply contact us and schedule an appointment. One of our attorneys can talk with you and explain all your legal options.

Testimonials from our clients

“In choosing an attorney, it is important to consider how an attorney will get you to the outcome you need.

Mark Brewer got me to the outcome I needed. He completely understood the problem I was faced with, immediately and efficiently created a plan for us to manage the situation and as a result I was able to quickly ‘offload’ a huge amount of stress as soon as we began working together as well as throughout the process. That one mental health benefit alone was priceless to me.

I’m the type of client who asks a lot of questions and Mark always answered them, same day. Communication was a dream.

In his dealings with the other side, his Integrity, strategic thinking and professionalism were indeed formidable yet he still came across as the most polished and unflappable person at the negotiating table. Mark has a heart of kindness and I felt he deeply cared about me as a client and worked hard for me because he wanted as much as I did to get to the fair and ethical outcome I needed, preserving a much needed job in these times of great insecurity. Brewer & Pritchard, P.C. is the gold standard!”


“I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I received a statement from Nola and saw that you included a miscellaneous credit on my statement. What a huge act of kindness and generosity on your part. THANK YOU! I can’t thank you enough, unfortunately my words cannot express the full range of my appreciation...
With much gratitude,” 

- Christian

[To Mark Brewer] “Thank you for this morning's win! You are an incredibly gifted and brilliant attorney, and I am very grateful to you.  I am overwhelmed with your kindness and generosity. You have worked tirelessly on my behalf and have been a loyal advocate and friend since November 2016. I hope you have a beautiful weekend.”

- Julie

“Thank you Mark. Your help is a big relief to me.”

- Adrian T.

“Thanks Mark.  You are always there for me.”

- Michael

[To Mark Brewer] “Excellent brief!  It is an honor to be on the brief [with you].”

- James C.

[To Mark Brewer] “Excellent work.  You have my consent and that of TFA to proceed [with filing the brief to SCOTUS].”

- John H.

[To Mark Brewer] “Thank you so much for all you have done to help on the qui tam and my retaliation claim.  I appreciate the work you, Blaire, and Cary have done on my behalf.”

“Oh my God.  This is incredible!!  Are you excited?”

- Gina

“Today , I can see colors again - the sky is a beautiful blue.  I can smell the air outside.  I did not want to let my guard down until I heard it face to face. 

Five first degree felony charges were dismissed because of your expertise, experience and commitment to your profession. 

I hope today both of you  will take a well deserved moment to know that lives are forever impacted (saved )  by your dedication - and  I am your greatest fan. 

The wisdom and advice that was shared with Drake yesterday will be softly reinforced  ... for the rest of his life or mine, I promise. 

Thank you always for your thoughtful consideration of me through this dark ordeal.”

- Heather

[To Mark Brewer and U.S. Marines JAG] “Thank you to each of you for your contribution to making this a wonderful St. Patricks Day!! Corporal Ryan A… will leave the Marine Corps this Thursday!! with his honorable discharge.”

- John A., M.D.

“The closing today went extremely well!  Thank you very much for you help and support.”

- Gina

[To Mark Brewer] “This is fantastic.  Congratulations on getting summary judgment on liability [for 5500 counts of Medicaid fraud]!”  

- Raymond C. Winter, Assistant Attorney General, State of Texas

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