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Do Whistleblowers Have to Reveal Their Identity?

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One of the most frequently asked questions about whistleblowers involves whether whistleblowers can remain anonymous. The short answer? Maybe. Many different factors often come into play in complex legal cases. That’s why it’s critical that anyone considering being a whistleblower should consult with an attorney familiar with this distinct area of the law.

Our knowledgeable lawyers at Brewer & Pritchard, P.C. in Houston can help you every step of the way. We have decades of experience working with whistleblowers in Texas and throughout the country. As a result, we’re familiar with the state and federal rules and regulations governing such cases, including the False Claims Act and qui tam law. You can count on us when it matters most.

Can whistleblowers remain anonymous?

In many cases involving fraud or illegal activities by companies, whistleblowers can remain anonymous when they report criminal activity to authorities. The IRS allows whistleblowers reporting suspected tax fraud to remain anonymous. The same is often true for cases involving the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

In certain cases, you legally cannot reveal your identity when reporting criminal activity. This is true for qui tam law. When you file a qui tam lawsuit in federal court, you must do so confidentially “under seal,” meaning the lawsuit is kept secret by the whistleblower while the government investigates such allegations. If you violate these provisions, your qui tam lawsuit could be dismissed by the government.

However, in other circumstances, your identity as a whistleblower could potentially be revealed. For example, the False Claims Act allows whistleblowers to anonymously file a complaint with the government without revealing their identity to an employer. But once the government finishes its investigation, your complaint may be made public. That’s why it’s important to fully understand your rights and how the legal system works before becoming a whistleblower. That’s why you should talk to an experienced whistleblower plaintiff attorney.

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Before pursuing a whistleblower case, schedule a confidential appointment with one of our highly skilled attorneys. We can privately discuss your case with you and explain all your legal options available to you, including whether you have to reveal your identity as a whistleblower.

Are whistleblowers protected from prosecution?

We have years of experience working with whistleblowers throughout the world on a wide range of cases. We thoroughly understand the laws governing whistleblowers. We know how to analyze complicated legal documents. We know how to gather information. Most important, we know how to build strong legal cases while also protecting your identity and your privacy.

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Whistleblowers often face intense pressure from the companies, individuals or government agencies under scrutiny due to a whistleblower complaint. Threatening to reveal a whistleblower’s identity is one way individuals or institutions under investigation often try to intimidate whistleblowers and force them to drop their case.

Scare tactics don’t frighten us. We know how to skillfully handle such situations. We know the law. We understand your rights as a whistleblower. As your attorney, we’re prepared to defend your actions and build the strongest possible legal case. We take whistleblower cases very seriously. That’s because we know the stakes are so high.

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