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What is Qui Tam law?

Our whistleblower defense attorneys explain how qui tam law works

Qui tam actions deal primarily with whistleblower cases. The phrase ‘qui tam’ is an abbreviated version of the Latin phrase which means “who sues in this matter for the king as well as for himself.” Qui tam law dates back to 14th century England, when King Edward II financially rewarded people who reported government fraud.

FAQ About Whistleblowers

In the United States, whistleblowers frequently file qui tam lawsuits and receive financial compensation in exchange for reporting allegations of fraudulent criminal activity involving government funds or private businesses. Whistleblowers need to follow very strict rules and regulations, however. Otherwise, they may not be eligible for financial compensation.

Our experienced, whistleblower criminal defense attorneys at Brewer, Pritchard & Buckley, PC thoroughly understand how qui tam law works. That’s because our white collar criminal defense lawyers have more than 90 years of combined legal experience. As a result, we know how to effectively defend the rights of professionals and companies that are the focus of whistleblower complaints.

Understanding qui tam law and whistleblower complaints

United States laws covering qui tam cases in America date back to the 1600s. It was the False Claims Act of 1863 that truly brought qui tam law into the modern era. The U.S. government created that law in reaction to allegations of military contractor fraud during the Civil War. The False Claims Act has since been revised several times and now covers fraud involving private businesses.

Whistleblowers who successfully file qui tam lawsuits routinely receive financial compensation for their actions. Since 1986, the False Claims Act significantly increased the amount of money whistleblowers receive as a reward.

In order to receive this financial compensation, however, whistleblowers must meet certain criteria, including being the first person to file a whistleblower complaint and demonstrating that they have been directly harmed by the person or company the whistleblower is taking action against. Otherwise, their whistleblower complaint should be dismissed.

You have rights. Our qui tam defense lawyers can fight for them.

Qui tam whistleblower cases demand strong legal action. That’s why it’s critical you contact our law firm as soon as possible. Our whistleblower defense attorneys have years of experience investigating these claims, know what evidence to look for and how to build the strongest possible legal case.

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