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Do whistleblowers have to reveal their identity?

Our Texas white collar criminal defense attorneys explain how the law works

In many whistleblower cases involving allegations of fraud or accusations against individuals or corporations, whistleblowers can remain anonymous in certain circumstances when they report criminal activity to authorities. The IRS allows whistleblowers reporting suspected tax fraud to remain anonymous.

FAQ About Whistleblowers

In certain whistleblower cases, individuals cannot legally reveal their identity when reporting alleged criminal activity. This is true for qui tam law. When someone files a qui tam lawsuit in federal court, they must do so confidentially “under seal,” meaning the lawsuit is kept secret by the whistleblower while the government investigates these allegations. If the whistleblower violates these provisions, the qui tam lawsuit should be dismissed by the government.

You have rights. We can defend them against anonymous whistleblowers.

If someone has filed an anonymous whistleblower complaint against you or your company, contact our law firm. One of our experienced, whistleblower criminal defense attorneys at Brewer, Pritchard & Buckley, PC can defend your rights. We can privately discuss your case with you and explain all your legal options.

Experience matters. That’s why many people choose us to represent them. Our attorneys have more than 90 years of combined legal experience. We thoroughly understand the laws governing whistleblowers. We know how to analyze complicated legal documents. We know how to gather information. Most importantly, we know how to build strong legal cases.

When the stakes are high, our defense lawyers rise to the challenge

We take whistleblower cases very seriously. That’s because we know the stakes are so high. A formal complaint filed by an anonymous whistleblower can destroy your career and your reputation. You or your business could even be fined thousands or millions of dollars. In certain circumstances, you could be sentenced to serve several years in prison.

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